A beautiful non-fiction update of the holiday classic that tells the true untold story of one of man's oldest form of folk-art. 

Published in 2018 by Globe Pequot


“Brilliant!”  – SmokingGun.com


 “Charming & fascinating”

                          – TimeOut New York


"Based on The New York Times bestseller Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores, Bob Eckstein brings his heart-tugging illustrations to a postcard set. Here are 100 postcards that celebrate the pillar of every community – the independent bookstore – with 50 total illustrations, including seven never-before-seen designs – to both send and save."


Stories from today's greatest

thinkers & artists with 

75 sexy portraits of

the world's greatest bookstores. 


Based on the 2007 holiday classic...

Clients I have written columns, Op-Eds and features for:

New Yorker, New York Times, New York Daily News, NY Newsday,

Reader's Digest, SPY, Playboy, Details, GQ, MAXIM,

National Lampoon, Village Voice, McSweeney's. 

Here are some personal favorites of mine. Please click & check out: 

How To Fix Baseball: Meatloaf

My Midlife Crisis

How Not to Write a Christmas Newsletter

McSweeney's Diagnosing Trump Anxiety

I have spoken at the following distinguished venues:

The Mount, Edith Wharton's Home                                                     Milford Readers & Writers Festival 

Stroud Mansion, Stroundsburg, PA                                                  New York Public Library

Scranton Library                                                                                  Miami Book Fair   

American Booksellers Association Winter Institute                Lackawanna Library Scranton Cultural Center

Lake Placid Library                                                                  St. Thomas Aquinas College

Lacawac Sanctuary                                                                              New York University

Marywood University                                                                           MOCCA Arts Festival

St. Thomas Aquinas College                                                            National Cartoonists Society

Millbrook Literary Festival                                                                   Norman Rockwell Museum

Beach Point Club                                                                               The Grolier Club

Yonsei University in South Korea

...and many others including well over a 100 TV and radio shows

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