Spotlight on Harry Bliss

So I just met with my new book team at Penguin Random House and on my way out I was greeted in the lobby my one of the contributors of the book I wanted to eventually feature and thank on my blog, New Yorker cartoonist and outstanding illustrator, Harry Bliss. I'm a big fan of his work, especially his New Yorker covers and cartoons, and so I asked him for his favorite bookstore story and he was able to introduce me to a fantastic bookstore in Romania and had a great story to go with it. His work can be enjoyed here and his new book, My Favorite Pets is on sale now.

Gentle Reminder

Tonight is Garrison Keillor’s last performance on the Prairie Home Companion (6pm East, NPR. In NYC, WNYC 820). I finally finished my new book after collecting the best moments from my favorite people in the world and it created a lot of best moments for myself, working with and befriending people who I consider my heroes and who inspire me now and while growing up, artists and great thinkers like Adam Ant, Joe Frank, Roz Chast, Marc Maron, Michael Palin, Deepak Chopra, Terry Gross and the list goes on and on. I enjoyed spending time with them all. But the highlight of the book has been having Garrison Keillor work on the book with me. And nobody contributed more. He was generous with his ti

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