Live-drawing the Oscars Tonight!

Catch the action either on my Facebook page or Twitter account. The New Yorker will be including my work sometime after 7:30 at this link, which at the moment is not live yet. Thank you for watching.

5 Ways Ernest Hemingway Had It Easier

Your book comes out. The champagne cork has popped. You contact your alumni newsletter. You have a spanking new designated Facebook page for your new baby. You get blurbs up the kazoo. So it can be very disheartening the first time you visit your Amazon page and see numbers you didn’t know went that high and the only review is from your mom. You cancel that subscription to “Bestselling Author Digest,” cancel the order for the indoor lap-pool and wondered what happened. It’s important to remember that today writers have it much harder than those of yesteryear. I’ve seen this firsthand. Not because of my new book but meeting with bookstore owners and bestsellers the past two months (including

Footnotes Highlights

NY Times Bestseller list and dozens of Best Of lists. It was one of the Wall Street Journal’s "Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2016." “Brilliant!” – Fresh Air, Terry Gross “New Yorker cartoonist Eckstein has created a love letter to independent bookstores around the world.” – Kirkus Review "Enchanting paintings...colorful quotes and anecdotes, a testimony to the continuing vibrancy of print books." – USA Today “Flat-out lovely. This might be a perfect book for holiday giving. But you might want to buy two copies, and keep one for yourself." – Star Tribune "Bibliophiles will rejoice at this beautiful collection celebrating the history and lure of independent bookshops worldwide.” – Shelf Awa

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