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What I'm Working On

I've been lucky to be working on a few fun projects that are right in my wheelhouse (and I had a chance to do a couple of pieces on the Olympics for The New York Times). I'm having a fun time working for Writer's Digest, who I love, and they just ran my piece on a contest to win a free bookstore in Pennsylvania.

And right now I'm writing a funny book about cats but I have three finished products I can talk about...

First up is a postcard set called World's Greatest Bookstores: 100 Postcards, coming out in Sept. by Clarkson Potter of Penguin Random House. The official description is: "Based on The New York Times bestseller Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores, Bob Eckstein brings his heart-tugging illustrations to a postcard set. Here are 100 postcards that celebrate the pillar of every community – the independent bookstore – with 50 total illustrations, including seven never-before-seen designs – to both send and save."

It's really beautiful. After my bookstore book came out I still continued visiting and painting as many new bookstores as i could and so this is a great way of sharing them. I also went back and improved the original pieces. Right now you can only pre-order on Amazon but of course I'd prefer you attempt to get it from your local bookstore – just ask them for it if you don't see it.

Later that month I come out with the epic The Illustrated History of the Snowman. This is the most amazing thing I've worked on. The 300 plus photos and paintings are astounding. More on this book later in the year but I'll add it was so satisfying and I reunited with my editor Ursula Cary who is now at Globe Pequot my publisher so it was a real pleasure to work on.

One other project just getting finished is The Ultimate Cartoon Book of Book Cartoons, a collection of cartoons about books and bookstores by, literally, the world's greatest cartoonists (like Roz Chast, Sam Gross, Arnie Levin, Paul Noth, Ed Koren, George Booth, Danny Shanahan, Barbara Smaller, Liza Donnelly, P.C. Vey, Frank Cotham, Bob Mankoff, Julia Suits, John O'Brien, Chris Weyant, Michael Maslin, Nick Downes, Michael Shaw, Pat Byrnes, Robert Leighton, Peter Steiner, Jack Zeigler, David Borchart, Mick, that is some list!). I edited the book and wrote a snappy introduction and it comes out in Spring of 2019 by Princeton Architectural Press.

More soon and thanks for reading!

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