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The New Books Here! The New Books Are Here!

Hope everyone had a great summer. The end of summer for me is always going to the US Open for free during the qualifying round where I hang out with friends and take it easy. I always bring work I intend to do on the subway and I try he stands but the crowds on the 7 line and the sun at the tennis center make that difficult.

I produced more work this year than ever before. I also got more rejections. It was awhile before I found a home for many of the pieces I have coming out which include Cartoonists In Cars Getting Agita (American Bystander), Self Diagnostic Flowchart for T.A.D., Trump Anxiety Disorder (maybe WaPo), a fully Illustrated report on the Writer's Digest Annual Conference (New Yorker) and cartoons in MAD magazine and Playboy. But the bulk of my time this year was spent on finishing three book projects that I will start to support right now through events and interviews.

Despite all that work, I also did some serious procrastinating in the form of home projects. I'll share two here. The first is a make shift bridge to cross the creek inner backyard after a tree crushed our main bridge. I split a fallen tree length-wise with a chain saw and just turned it over. A real bridge is being built now.

The second project was inspired by a pile of crap in the garage–old copper pipes from when we fixed our plumbing. I added sprockets and a butter dish I bought at the flea market for $2 to make a Steampunk birdbath (yes, I'm calling this a Steampunk birdbath).

At the moment my apartment is filled with boxes of my two new items (World's Greatest Bookstores Postcard Set and The Illustrated History of the Snowman. The book can be preordered online by going to those links above or better, any independent bookstore can order them if they are not already in the store.) Both look amazing and I can't wait to share them. Below is a list of places I am doing book events.).

Below, the video with the mountain, is the trailer for the book. Click in on and let me know what you think.

Click on the events below for details.

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