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Happy New Year

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This is usually one of my favorite times of year because I’m under the illusion everything is going to be better in the new year and with a new set of New Year’s resolutions I’m going to be completely motivated to better my life (I’m gullible).

I decided this year to usher in the new year in style––sick in bed the past week and dizzy.

Photograph courtesy buddy Jay Sylvester

Be that as it may, I have got my resolutions written out—they have be written out to have any accountability—and hope for the best. I'm starting with an easy one; Organizing. Every year I spend the last week of the year getting my work space organized for the next year. I crank up Gwen Stefani singing This Is My Life, I dress up a bit, like it’s something official…hey, whatever it takes.

And most of all I got this for Christmas. I got the idea from the librarian at the Hawley Public Library. I saw it behind her desk and asked about it. She told me where she got it and asked for it for Christmas. It holds things, has wheels, oh it’s a marvel. So anyway, I’m going to put stuff in it and it’s going to change my life. It doesn’t look like much. It doesn’t even hold much. But it’s a game-changer believe you me.

Happy 2022, everyone.


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