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Footnotes Highlights

NY Times Bestseller list and dozens of Best Of lists. It was one of the Wall Street Journal’s "Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2016."

“Brilliant!” – Fresh Air, Terry Gross

“New Yorker cartoonist Eckstein has created a love letter to independent bookstores around the world.” – Kirkus Review

"Enchanting paintings...colorful quotes and anecdotes, a testimony to the continuing vibrancy of print books." – USA Today

“Flat-out lovely. This might be a perfect book for holiday giving. But you might want to buy two copies, and keep one for yourself." – Star Tribune

"Bibliophiles will rejoice at this beautiful collection celebrating the history and lure of independent bookshops worldwide.” – Shelf Awareness

"Footnotes visually illustrates why these shops are so beloved. Eckstein, a cartoonist for The New Yorker, has beautifully painted 75 of the most storied purveyors from around the world.” – The Globe and Mail

"In a time when it seems that brick-and-mortar bookstores are closing at a rapid clip, this book celebrates those very places, giving us an inside look into the cherished community of local bookshops.” – Smithsonian Magazine

“Absolutely wonderful. In time Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores will be a beautiful historical document, and it’s surely one for the shelves of any true bibliophile.” – Reading Addicts

"This would look great stacked on top of other random books cascading out of your Strand tote bag for a picture that says, 'I just got back from spending a shit ton at the bookstore.’ “ – Above

"There's a good chance that if you're buying a book for someone, that they're a person who likes the feel and nostalgia of bookstores. In fact, Goldin says bookstores are rather popular subject matter. But among the plethora of books on the topic, Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores by Bob Eckstein still stands out.” – Daniel Goldin, Boswell Book Company

“Celebrates these unique places while also highlighting concerns about the future...filled with emotional investment, inspiration, and endless stories from the people who run bookstores and those who love them.“ – BookWitty

“Charming.” ­– Miami Herald

"Wonderful homage."– Reader’s Digest

“A national treasure.” - David Plotz, Slate

"A truly stunning book with beautiful images of some amazing bookshops this is a lovely read and a great collectable to cherish forever." - Books Bird

"It's WONDERFUL!!! Beautiful, fun to read, interesting.” – Roz Chast

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