Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day. It was a very good episode of Prairie Home Companion and one of the last hosted my Garrison Keillor. This Mother's Day special had a very funny song by Brad Paisley about selfies (I'm not normally a country fan but this was good) and I am glad he first stated before he sang, "Garrison Keillor is the Mark Twain of our time," because I agree.

As my weekly feature of contributors to the book I've been thanking, this time it's the great story-teller Garrison Keillor. His writing and humor has been an inspiration to me for a long time. Garrison, it was a thrill to hang out with you and have you help me with my bookstores book by writing its Foreword. Have a great retirement but hope you never stop telling stories the way only you can.

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