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New Edition Coming Soon!

Sorry it's been so long. I completed a short book tour at ending in the Midway and have been juggling 4 new book projects at once.

But I'd like to share some book news. First, I just want to share this little item I came across on the internet. Norm MacDonald is my favorite comedian so it's a real treat to be lumped in with his book (I would not consider my book a comedy but Martian won for Best Comedy).

Last week ATG selected Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores their Book of the Week.

So anyway, a new edition of my bookstores book is out which includes an Index and page numbers and updated information. I initially wanted the book to be stripped of all traditional book elements, even the way a reader opens a book. But I got a lot of feedback asking for these elements so my publisher and I agreed to do the next reprint which is now in production.

It's also available in Korean, Japanese and Chinese as of now and a special gift set of postcards is being produced which include new bookstores not in the book.

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